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Birthday Tea Party

My students and co workers know I love tea and they love it too. Every art demo I do for a class, becomes a tea project. There are prints of teapots posted all around, especially in the ceramics studio, where my young pottery apprentice has found her home away from home at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. This 14 year old, Katherine, in the front left of this photo (due for a birthday tea party herself in a month or so) has been influenced by my tea loving ways. Once, only a coffee drinker, she now enjoys drinking tea after we had a Christmas tea party at work just before breaking for the holidays in December. Kendle--our graphic designer & illustrator in the arts program (pictured back right) and Savannah--the french speaking administrative assistant who's actually an artist too (pictured back left) were avid tea drinkers like myself.

Katherine actually planned this whole birthday tea party. She and her mother made chocolate chip scones and British scones with Devonshire cream since Katherine knows I favor British scones piled with clotted ,cream and jelly over American scones, which are sugary all on their own. I brought the jellies and jams per Katherine's request since she knows about Logan's mom's delicious jelly business. Jalepeno chokecherry jelly, wild plum jelly, and grape jam were my choices for the day.

It all started --the tea party craze-- when Katherine wanted an opportunity to use her first handmade ceramic pottery teapot and asked if we could throw a tea party. She didn't know that my dream of owning a tea shop some day had led me to be VERY prepared for such an occasion. The scones were a hit and so were the cupcake stands and tea cups I sent the girls home with for Christmas gifts. Our plan is to make this a routine and everyone can bring their cups back for tea on special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, and just for fun days. Here's a look at her Katherine's first teapot below and some cups and a pitcher behind it.. We put it in the last wood firing because she loves wood fired ceramic work. No happier birthday than to know you've got friends to drink tea with and make scones for you!

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