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Instagram -ing!

We (potters and clay people) are artists. Everything we do should be considered from a visual point and probably considered for function, as well. If you want to know how to become a "good" potter or sculptor, I believe it takes time and self-criticism or outside criticism (hopefully both if you're lucky). Instagram is no different. Follow people you like and ask yourself why YOU like their page/ posts and why OTHERS like their page/ posts. And pay close attention to the response you get from followers and likers and commenters. Post more of what they like or post different things if they don't like it. I try to pay attention to getting a balance of different posts, and a balance of colors.

What do I like to post and what do my followers like to see?

I can only really answer the first part of that question at this point and gauge the response I get from it. Below I'll tell you what I think my followers don't like seeing though.

Here's what I like posting:

* my pots in use

* my studio

* pots in progress

* pots I own that others made in use

* professional, well-lit photos of my pots (especially ones for sale)

* how I style my home, table, and space (using pots or otherwise)

* pictures of students in my classes making pots or photos of their work

* OCASSIONALLY ads for shows I will be in (but I try to fit these into other posts so it doesn't look spammy)

* Coffee & Tea & Fashion..... these are spread throughout because they are what inspire me

* sketches of pots

I don't think my followers like seeing:

* contests for items I'm trying to win

* poor quality and poorly lit photos (but hey.. I'm no photographer... I do my best!)

* too many photos at once or too many in one day (I stick to 3 or less)

Also, followers don't come overnight--unless you go viral. And if you want followers who really like what your doing and might buy from you in the future, you need to post what they like. I'm paraphrasing some ideas I've read and heard in various places. has a lot of good info in their newsletter that they send out if you want to know specific things to get your account going.

Be sure people can clearly see in your bio, who you are and what you do. Also you'll need a clean looking link to send them to if they decide they want to see and find out more. Here's what my bio reads:

Hannah May & Logan Hunter

🍶Functional ceramics & wood fired pottery. Little Rock, AR.

FREE priority shipping.... Ships ASAP!👇

Click now.

But just remember RELEVANT and BEAUTIFUL (or good looking ... it could be grotesque if that's your style as long as it is eye catching overall as a page and as individual posts)!

You can go look at my account, hunter_maypottery, but a better idea is to look at my favorite posters and try to find your own favorites on instagram. Unless your a babe in a bikini, I really don't think there is a magic trick for real followers... just consistency and consideration for what you're doing.

Here's some accounts I love looking at and getting inspiration from:








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