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Monday Play Days

On Mondays, Logan and I share the studio. It's one of the only days we are both continuously working in there together, which is probably enough since we currently share a wheel, and nearly everything else. It might get crowded full-time, but Mondays are fun and this week, since we don't have tons of clay to work with making whatever we want and have time for, we have been "playing around" or exploring a little more with our forms, attachments, and decoration. I have been eager to make different types of handles. I have a noise I make for how I describe the attachements, but not a good explanation. I want them to visually say glook. Logan has been doing some pretty exciting new decoration... paddle designs, making some brush tools, and drawing new patterns.

I'm so glad that Logan and I are equally obsessed with LP, possibly our new favorite musical artist and our full-time studio sound. We listened to this song 10 or more times yesterday I'm sure. It makes the crossing paths in a tight space more like dancing... of course.. how could you not dance to this?!

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