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Photo blog: Design Inspiration

Tea Time

This week I thought I'd share some of the visual inspiration for my decoration style and forms. I've always been a lover of tea parties and all things Victorian and covered in lace.

India is important to me for it's tea growing landscape and for the patterning and cultural visual aesthetics. The colors, the architecture, and the henna tattoo patterns have all directly influenced design choices I've made for my ceramic work. I often pair these qualities with full figured forms that resemble English tea wares or that resemble the ensemble of Victorian ladies and their figures.

The Frills

Parasols, ruffles, bustles, lace, and corsets have all found their way into my pot designs at some point. While I love the intricate details in both Indian and Victorian inspirations for my work, I make a great effort to find simplified ways of executing the work to make it relevant in a modern home more like my own.

Early Designs

These are the major influences on my work from the beginning of my ceramic efforts. And over time my work has evolved into something that is more real for me and the way I want my home to look and feel. Below are some evolutions of my work over the past several years.


(2 tea set designs from my senior show)


These Pots below are how my work has directly evolved from the above forms and patterning. They are all made 2014-2015. You can find more of the evolution of my work here... HannahMayPottery.

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