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Collaborating with Pots

Collecting Pottery

We are slowly growing our pottery collection. I love collecting pottery because anyone can afford to begin a collection. Paintings, drawings, and sculpture are also appealling to us, but they will be much bigger investments. There are many pots that I'm sure we could not afford, but luckily most of the potters we are fond of have at least something within our price range, even if it is a cup.

(bottom Img..left to right: Geoff Pickett tumbler, Hannah May (my) fruit bowl, Ian Park cup and saucer, Lorna Meaden tea set)

Using Pottery

Collecting pots is important for us because it is a collection of the history of what we do, just like a writer might collect books, even if they can read them digitally now. We, too,collect books--ones that document lives of potters and the history of ceramics. Physical pots, though are something

we see and use daily. We experience them a different way than we do pictures of pots. Using ceramics in our lives and habits each day allows us to be unaware of them as we mindlessly enjoy their usefulness, but other times we engage very mindfully as we research qualities of craftsmanship and personal use preference. We often sit around drinking coffee admiring our chosen cups and studying new aspects we love.

(Img below, left to right: Oksana Cartwright cup, Erica Iman cup)


When I use a pot that I've created, I am able to discover nuances that I may not have considered in the making and how those features affect use of the piece. Logan and I sometimes spend hours cooking Indian food. When we serve it in handmade serving dishes, combining their beauty with delicious food brings a full appreciation of the pots. It is a collaboration with the potters who have crafted our collection. We hope you will collaborate with us and find amazing uses for the pots we make. If you enjoy arranging flowers or succulents, we hope to give you an opportunity to balance the beauty of nature with the vases and vessels, made with intention. The pedestals I make are to elevate and display the cakes you might be baking for friends and family. As a former barista and self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, my favorite way to use pots is in my daily coffee and tea experiences--which you probably have too! So, please cook, bake, make, arrange, and decorate because pots have the most life, when the maker and YOU collaborate.

(above: Michael Kline plate)

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