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Coffee Break & How To make Homemade Cappuccino

Routine is such a helpful tool in being productive. Coffee may seem like just an addiction to caffiene and belief that I will perk up and be alert, but it REALLY does make me more productive. I'm a potter, nearly full-time for the first time in my life, and working from home means never leaving work. That's why I implement "Coffee Break" to break from my putting clothes on, brushing teeth, etc, into my working mindset and in the evenings, there is the ritual of "Cocktail Hour" so that I slow things down and can walk away from my work at 6pm. I spend about an hour in the mornings making coffee and checking up on my emails, things I need to mail, and social media. It helps me clear my head of busy tasks for the day so that I can be fresh and creative in the studio and since I'm a potter, coffee time is directly related and necessary to what I do in the studio. I have to use pots to better understand how I want my designs to evolve.

How to Make An Awesome Cappuccino At Home:

I was a barista for a while in a local coffee shop. Before nothing could compare to the $4 cappuccino I could buy in a coffee shop, but now I like them better from home.


* a Moka Express pot (-or other stovetop steam pressure percolator)


*a coffee grinder (If you have a burr grinder, great, I don't so I use a regular)

* a french press ANY SIZE

* milk (I use almond, and this is really THE BEST way to foam almond milk)

* an AWESOME HANDMADE COFFEE CUP (non negotiable... it's not a great capp until you get this right)

STEP 1: Grind the coffee. not as fine as regular espresso grounds, but not french press course. somewhere in between. Moka pot will probably give you instructions on best grind recommendation.

STEP 2: Follow your Coffee pots specific recommendations on brewing.

STEP 3: Take all the metal off your french press if you can and heat about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of milk up in the microwave for about 30 seconds to 1 min. If metal won't come off, heat milk in another container and transfer it to french press.

STEP 4: Froth the milk. Make sure the coffee is done so you can start pouring your cappuccino as soon as you finish frothing. If your french press sieve won't reach all the way to the milk, take the knob off or take it apart to get the lid off. Or you can fill the milk up higher.

STEP 5: Heat your handmade mug by pouring a little coffee, swirling it around and then continuing to fill it to your desired taste. (I use ALL of the espresso from the pot, but you could also share.)

STEP 6: Drink your cappuccino and start doing something awesome.

Shown: My morning cappuccino making process, featuring cup by Sandy Simon and berry bowl was made by me. (

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