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Pottery Class
Beginner Pottery Course

Take our recommended first steps to get started making with clay. We'll cover clay prep, hand-building techniques , and introduce you to practicing on the potter's wheel. This course is designed towards completion of hand-building projects with a basic introduction and practice at wheel throwing.

Clay & materials included.

$250 per person (1-6 people)

6 - 1 hour sessions

Shaping Clay
Handbuilding Session

Make your first pot . Individuals or groups can visit our home studio to make pottery. Choose to make either bowls or cups and follow along as we teach you hand-building techniques. 

Clay and materials included

$50 per person (1-2 people)

+ $35 for each additional person

Image by Diana Light
Kids Pottery Party

Have a pottery party. We can bring the activity to you or you can bring the party to us. Project examples are small bowls, cups, and animal sculptures. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Clay and materials included

painting and firing included

$200 (up to 10 guests)

$20 for each additional party guest

Pottery Workshop
Wheel Throwing Session

This practice wheel-throwing session is the opportunity you've been looking for to see what it feels like to be a potter (hint... it's harder than it looks). Think of this as an introductory lesson for practicing and trying a new skill. You will make "something" but it might not be what you expect. If you've always wanted to see what it's like, give it a try. Optional firing included if you'd like a souvenir to remember the experience. 

Clay & materials included

$50 per person (1-2 people) 

1 hr session

*glazing is not included. Optional 2 hr glaze session can be booked if glazing is desired. Glazing session is $20 for 2 people ($10 per person for extra guests)

Image by Diana Akhmetianova
Adult Pottery Party

Come to our studio and learn to make or we can come to you. An adult pottery party offers a unique activity for an adult outing or event. This party includes a clay project that can be done over the course of 2 hours. Choose from cups or bowls for your group to make.

Clay and materials included

$200 minimum (up to 8 people)

$25 per person for each additional person

Pottery Classes & Lessons

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