Logan Hunter Pottery



Artist Statement



I choose to wood fire because I believe that clay benefits from the atmosphere created by the process.  Heat strengthens a pot. It makes the clay rigid and concrete, able to stand against the erosion of time. But fire cultivates a pot. The atmosphere created by the burning wood moves around and covers the clay, leaving behind the markings of a potters labor. The salts and minerals from the wood combine with the planning and actions of the potter, allowing the build-up of ash to melt and fuse, transforming the surface of each piece.


I am interested in the relationships between people and their reliance upon nature, as well as the power of symbols and their capacity to create a narrative. Much of my work implies imagery of agriculture, hunting, gathering, and the changing of seasons. These images are often created by repeating and contrasting symbols stamped into the walls of the objects. This method of alteration creates a landscape across the skin of each piece. Not only does this landscape act as a visual narrative, but it encourages a physical interaction with the atmosphere of the wood firing process. The work reflects my own reliance upon nature and its power to transform earth into beauty.