Hannah May PotterY



Artist Statement


I once, as a young child drinking iced tea, claimed that I would grow a tea tree in my backyard someday.  It wasn't until I came across a book in an antique store in my teens that I learned what tea actually was, how it was grown, and how important it was to so many other people around the world.  I prepared tea parties for friends when they came over and found every opportunity to make tea for myself or anyone else.



I’m inspired by all tea rituals and many tea growing cultures, though none more than India.  In college, I met a friend from India who gave me a plastic bag with all the spices his family used to make tea on the stove-top by steeping them in boiling water and milk.  It has been one of my favorite preparations of tea ever since.  India not only grows my favorite teas, in its Darjeeling and Assam regions, but also the colorful textiles, architectural adornments and Mehndi patterns inspire the surfaces and forms of my pots.










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